Garlic & Cheese Bread    Mini loaf of house made bread with clarified garlic butter and melted cheese || $6 

Caprese Salad     Roma tomato and buffalo mozzarella topped with fresh basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil and caramelised balsamic || $14

Warmed Olives    Marinated mixed olives warmed and served with bread and olive oil  || $12

Salt & Pepper Calamari  Tender squid pieces lightly pan fried, served with lime aioli dipping sauce || $13.5



Pear, Walnut, Rocket & Parmesan Salad   Fresh pear, oven roasted walnuts and wild rocket topped with freshly shaved parmesan and splashed with extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic || $13.5

Garden Salad   Mixed salad leaves, roma tomato, spanish onion, cucumber and capsicum dressed in light vinaigrette || $13.5

Greek Salad   Roma tomato, spanish onion, cucumber, black olives, fetta, oregano and olive oil || $13.5

Caesar Salad   Baby cos leaves, diced bacon, croutons, freshly shaved parmesan & anchovies dressed in a traditional creamy dressing & topped with a poached egg || $14.5                            Add chicken || $2

Grilled Lamb Salad   Grilled lamb rump, cooked medium rare and sliced over mixed salad leaves with dried cranberries, fetta, mapled walnuts and dressed with a pomegranate balsamic vinegar and walnut oil || $21



Traditional Margherita   Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil || $20

Ham & Pineapple   Tomato sauce, cheese, hand cut leg ham and pineapple || $18.5

Capricossa   Tomato Sauce, cheese, hand cut leg ham, field mushrooms and olives || $18.5

Roma   Tomato sauce, cheese, sliced roma tomato and fresh basil || $17.5

Four Cheese Pizza   Tomato sauce, bocconcini, ricotta, blue cheese and parmesan || $19

Milan   Tomato sauce, cheese, shaved prosciutto, wild rocket and olive oil || $18.5

Sicily   Tomato sauce, cheese, prawns, spicy chorizo and sliced roma tomato || $20

Palermo   Tomato sauce, cheese, capsicum, onion, olives and anchovies || $18

Turin   Tomato sauce, cheese, oven roasted chicken breast, capsicum, spinach and ricotta || $20

Salami   Tomato sauce, cheese, salami and fresh chilli || $19

Bologna   Tomato sauce, cheese, roasted eggplant, sun-dried tomato, capsicum and field mushrooms || $18.5

Vegetarian   Tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, onion, capsicum, olives, sliced roma tomato & herbs || $19.5

Supreme   Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, onion, salami, capsicum, pineapple, olives and anchovies || $22

Marinara   Tomato sauce, cheese, prawns, calamari, smoked mussels and anchovies || $22


Choose your favourite style of pasta and match it with the sauce that best suits your taste

Pasta Choices

Spaghetti, Fettuccine or Penne

Gluten free option available ($1 extra)


Sauce Choices

Bolognese   Minced beef and pork simmered in a rich tomato sauce || $18

Boscaiola   Short cut bacon, mushroom and parmesan in a cream sauce || $18.5

Matriciana   Bacon and onion in a spicy chilli laced tomato sauce || $17.5

Al Olio   Garlic, olive oil, chilli and parmesan || $15

Pesto   Our blend of basil, parmesan, garlic, pine-nuts and olive oil || $17.5

Prawn & Chorizo   Tiger prawns and spicy chorizo in a creamy tomato sauce || $19.5


Meat Lasagne  

Our classic Bolognese sauce and cheese layered between sheets of pasta and oven baked to perfection || $19



Bush Cheesecake   Cheesecake with native flavours, strawberry gum, wattleseed, lemon myrtle, and finger lime  || $12

Chocolate & Walnut Brownie   served with vanilla bean gelato and chocolate Cointreau sauce || $11

Cheese Platter   Furneaux double cream, King Island smoked cheddar, Castello creamy blue || $19


Gelati   Lemon, blood orange, vanilla bean, fig & mascarpone, chocolate || (one)$3.50, (two)$5.50, (three) $7.50

Affogato   Espresso coffee, vanilla bean gelato & your choice of liqueur || $13