Choose your favourite style of pasta and match it with the sauce that best suits your taste

Pasta Choices

Spaghetti, Fettuccine or Penne

Gluten free option available ($1 extra)


Sauce Choices

Bolognese   Minced beef and pork simmered in a rich tomato sauce || $18

Boscaiola   Short cut bacon, mushroom and parmesan in a cream sauce || $18.5

Matriciana   Bacon and onion in a spicy chilli laced tomato sauce || $17.5

Al Olio   Garlic, olive oil, chilli and parmesan || $15

Pesto   Our blend of basil, parmesan, garlic, pine-nuts and olive oil || $17.5

Prawn & Chorizo   Tiger prawns and spicy chorizo in a creamy tomato sauce || $19.5


Meat Lasagne  

Our classic Bolognese sauce and cheese layered between sheets of pasta and oven baked to perfection || $19